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International Journal of Public Health Science (IJPHS) p-ISSN: 2252-8806, e-ISSN: 2620-4126 is an interdisciplinary journal that publishes material on all aspects of public health science. This IJPHS provides the ideal platform for the discussion of more sophisticated public health research and practice for authors and readers worldwide. The priorities are originality and excellence. The journal welcomes high-impact articles on emerging public health science that covers (but not limited) to epidemiology, biostatistics, nutrition, family health, infectious diseases, health services research, gerontology, child health, adolescent health, behavioral medicine, rural health, chronic diseases, health promotion, evaluation and intervention, public health policy and management, health economics, occupational health and environmental health. This journal is under consideration for inclusion (indexing) in Scopus.

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Papers published in the quarterly journal (Mar, June, Sep and Dec).

Papers submission Deadlines:

Jun 10, 2020 for Vol 9. No.3 Sep 2020
Sep 10, 2020 for Vol 9. No.4 Dec 2020
Dec 10, 2020 for Vol 10. No.1 Mar 2021
Mar 10, 2020 for Vol 10. No.2 Jun 2020

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Dear Authors,

Before sending a manuscript, make sure that the similarity of your paper is checked first.

  1. The maximum similarity rate is 25%
  2. We suggest you use Reference Manager software (such as  EndNote, Mendeley, Zotero) for preparing your paper.


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Posted: 2020-02-03
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Vol 9, No 2: June 2020

Each paper requires minor changes for it to be accepted. Editors will go through the revisions and gives a final approval. However, it is good to remember that "this status decision" does not guarantee acceptance. The paper will be accepted only if the editors are satisfied with the changes made. 

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Padmi Dhyah Yulianti
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Rusmini Rusmini, Lale Wisnu Andrayani, Hamdan Hariawan
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Sisay Shewasinad, Zenebe Wondimhunegn Weldearegay, Shimelse Ololo Sinkie, Tilahun Fufa Debela
Total views : 0 times
Fitsum Bekele, Teha Shumbej, Andamlak Dendir, Dereje Mesfin, Absra Solomon
Total views : 15 times
Dawit Gezahegn, Gudina Egata, Tesfaye Gobena, Berhanu Abebaw
Total views : 0 times
Berhanu Abebaw, Abdu Oumer
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Ratih Sakti Prastiwi
Total views : 0 times
Bayu Maharani Adelina
Total views : 67 times
Dyah Ristanti
Total views : 221 times
Navin Kumar Devaraj
Total views : 2 times
Siti Thomas Zulaikhah
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Lidia Br Tarigan, Lidia Br Tarigan
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Abhay Jayprakash Gandhi
Total views : 12 times
Charles Kwesi Koomson
Total views : 14 times
Kidanemariam G/Michael Beyene
Total views : 0 times
Taha Hussein Musa, Abdelaziz Adam Idriss Arbab, Hassan Hussein Musa
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Maria Stephanie Fay S. Cagayan MD, Erlidia F. Llamas-Clark MD, Veincent Christian F. Pepito, Rita Mae Ang Bon MD MPM
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Ni Putu Wulan Purnama Sari, AYU KURNIA ENDAR SARI
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