Knowledge about and attitude towards COVID-19 vaccination of rural residents in Zambales, Philippines

Romel S. Moncada, Danilo V. Rogayan Jr., Lyka P. Basilio, Cherissa Delmita, Niño Ganalon


Vaccines are among the most effective preventive measures developed to minimize the risks of COVID-19. This cross-sectional study employs an online survey to determine the knowledge and attitude toward COVID-19 vaccination among the general population in rural Zambales, Philippines. A total of 690 residents responded to the knowledge and attitude towards COVID-19 vaccination survey questionnaire (KAC19V-SQ) regarding the residents' knowledge about and attitude towards COVID-19 vaccination. Television, Facebook and YouTube are the residents' primary sources of COVID-19 vaccine information. Almost all of them (98.0%) know about the COVID-19 vaccine, but only 81.3% of the residents know about its effectiveness. Most (69.7%) indicated they want to get vaccinated. Zambales residents' knowledge about COVID-19 vaccination was low. Despite having a low level of knowledge, respondents showed a favorable attitude (mean±SD:2.76±0.47) toward COVID-19 vaccination. Women had a less favorable attitude than men. Furthermore, a moderately positive correlation (r=0.511, p<0.01) was noted between knowledge and attitude towards COVID-19 vaccination. It is imperative that the government works in tandem with public health experts, local government officials, and academic institutions to develop and implement initiatives geared towards enhancing public awareness and fostering a positive outlook towards COVID-19 vaccination.

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