Cross-sectoral role and community empowerment in controlling schistosomiasis in Indonesia

Ahmad Erlan, Heru Sudrajad, Anton Suryatma, Diyan Ermawan Effendi, Aris Yulianto


The role of cross-sectors in synergy with community empowerment in controlling schistosomiasis is a very effective model. Until mid-2017, the incidence rate of disease in humans in 28 endemic villages still ranged 0.00-2.15%. This research aims to evaluate schistosomiasis control activities that have been carried out across sectors based on a road map for schistosomiasis eradication and community empowerment in controlling schistosomiasis. The study was mixed method. Data were obtained by in-depth interview with key informants and evaluation of the results of cross-sectoral and community activities. The research was carried out in an endemic area for schistosomiasis on the Bada Plateau, Indonesia, from January to November 2019. In conclusion, the potential of cross-sector collaboration in controlling schistosomiasis has not been fully realized due to budget constraints. Community empowerment is carried out to eliminate snail foci, increase the scope of feces collection and change community behavior for the better in order to avoid infection and always try to clean up snail foci.

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