The Consumption of Indonesian Local Food and Its Relationship with Body Mass Index Among Female University Students

Nurnaningsih Herya Ulfah, Pokkate Wongsasuluk


The prevalence of obesity among young adults in Indonesia is a new trend in Indonesia. The study aim was to determine trend of Indonesian local food consumption and its association with Body Mass Index among female university students. It was cross-sectional study and involved 230 Indonesian female university students (18-25 years old) in April-May 2021 using conventional sampling by a self-administered online questionnaire in Malang City. Sociodemographic and dietary habits were collected along with body mass index (BMI) data. This study was approved by Indonesian ethic committee (No:100/PP2M-KE/I/2021) and Chulalongkorn University (029.1/64). Descriptive statistics and Ordinal Logistic Regression were applied. The results showed the average BMI of 217 participants was 21.28+3.30 kg/m2 (95% CI 16.94-34.05), and 167 menus of local Indonesian food were identified. Local cuisine with high carbohydrates and sugar such as fried noodles, meatballs, mixed vegetable soup, biscuits/pastry, fritters with topping, and ice milk tea with topping had a positive impact on overnutrition. Interestingly, chicken porridge had an inverse association with overnutrition. The ordinal regression results showed the length of stay in study area had a significant association with BMI (p=0.001). However, meal frequency and snack time consumption also affected BMI (p=0.046 and 0.024 respectively). The preferred high-carbohydrate food is more significantly associated with overnutrition (p<0.05). It is crucial to adjust nutritional education and people's food menu, particularly in reducing high-carbohydrate and sugar food as well as providing healthy food to these population.


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