Psychometric Testing of Community Advancing Resilience Toolkit Assessment Survey (Cart-As) Indonesian Version

Fitri Haryanti, I Made Moh Yanuar Saifudin, Uki Noviana


This study aims to conduct a psychometric test of the Indonesian version of the Communities Advancing Resilience Toolkit Assessment Survey (CART-AS) instrument with validity and reliability testing. Cross-sectional study was conducted on 280 respondents living in the working area of Kalasan Public Health Center. The translation was carried out using the Beaton method. The psychometric test process was carried out by testing the construct validity and reliability. The Indonesian version of the CART-AS instrument consists of 27 items with the results of construct validity as measured by CFA value shows that the model fits the previous model with conformity indicator showing chi-square/df = 1.37; comparative fit index (CFI) = 0.99; goodness of fit index (GFI) = 0.90; root mean square of approximation (RMSEA) = 0.03; and standardized root mean square residual (SRMR) = 0.03. The results of the reliability test showed the Cronbach alpha value of 0.94. The Indonesian version of the CART-AS instrument is a valid and reliable instrument to measure the resilience of disaster-affected communities in Indonesian culture.


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