Work Readiness during COVID-19 among taxibike Online Drivers in Samarinda, Indonesia

Dina Lusiana Setyowati, Swandari Paramita, Riza Hayati Ifroh, Tanti Asrianti, Efi Fitriani, Wahnadita Rahman


COVID-19 caused a pandemic around the world, including in Indonesia. This greatly affected the informal business sector, such as online motorcycle taxi drivers. Efforts to control the spread of COVID-19 are ongoing, and the success of this program is greatly influenced by knowledge, attitudes, and actions about COVID-19 in the community. The purpose of this study was to identify behavioral factors, namely knowledge, perception of risk of transmission, perceptions of prevention, and attitudes about COVID-19 during the pandemic. An online survey was conducted with 100 online motorcycle taxi drivers using a structured questionnaire and Google Forms with a quota sampling technique. Data were analyzed using bivariate analysis using the Spearman rank test with a confidence level of 95%. Although most online motorcycle taxi drivers have sufficient knowledge about COVID-19, some drivers have little or no knowledge. Online motorcycle taxi drivers in our sample had important misconceptions about COVID-19, namely that COVID-19 is not contagious, weak immune resistance may cause them to contract COVID-19, it is highly unlikely that they will contract COVID-19 when leaving the house without wearing a mask, and believing that handwashing with soap and using hand sanitizer will not prevent COVID-19. To address these misconceptions, interventions should be targeted to online motorcycle taxi drivers to increase their health education and literacy regarding the urgency of preventing COVID-19. It is also important to consider incorporating both interpersonal approaches and conventional and digital-based groups when encouraging changes in their attitudes and practices towards COVID-19. 



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