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Sexual behavior is any behavior that is driven by sexual desire, both with the opposite sex and with the same sex. Unhealthy sexual behavior among adolescents, especially teenagers who are not married, tends to increase. Nowadays, the occurred promiscuity leads to premarital sexual behavior. The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of adolescent reproductive health education on premarital sexual behavior at senior high schools in Palembang. The research method used this study is an experimental of a pretest-posttest using 2 interventions and is carried out with a control group (non-equivalent control group) given a focus group discussion. The samples are 192 students which taken using purposive sampling with the criteria have passed 2 years of school and have learned Biology class with the subject of reproductive health. The result of the bivariate analysis between the Chi-Square confounding variable and premarital sexual behavior after the intervention shows that there is a significant relationship between knowledge about sex, reproductive health, and attitudes with premarital sex behavior. The result of McNemar test shows that there is a significant relationship between control behavior and sexual behavior after performing the intervention with the p-value = 0.00. The result of multivariate with logistic regression test shows that there is a dominant variable that is the variable of knowledge about reproductive health with the p-value = 0.00. For senior high schools, learning about adolescent reproductive health should be included in the curriculum, especially in Biology class.


Keywords: Reproductive Health Education, Premarital Sexual Behavior


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