Maternal Mortality in Ghana: Impact of the Fee-Free Delivery Policy and the National Health Insurance Scheme

Seidu Sofo, Emmanuel Thompson


Maternal mortality (MMR) is the second largest cause of female deaths in Ghana. Yet, many households cannot afford the cost of skilled delivery The study utilized the Panel Data Model to examine the impact of the fee-free delivery (FDP) and the National Health Insurance Policy (NIP) exemptions on MMR in Ghana. The Demographic and Health Survey reports on Ghana from 2002 to 2009 served as the main data source. Data were analyzed using Panel data model with within group fixed effects estimator. MMR declined significantly over the period studied. Both FDP and NIP positively impacted MMR at a 5% level of significance. In addition, skilled delivery was a significant predictor of MMR. Stakeholders would do well to ensure NIP is adequately funded in order to sustain the decline in MMR.


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