Age, gender and duration of dating with the involvement in dating violence

Suci Musvita Ayu, Erni Gustina, Mohammad Zen Rahfiludin


Dating violence (DV) is a public health issue with severe implications for victims and perpetrators both. Adolescents, both male and female, exhibit a tendency for involvement in this. This cross-sectional research aimed to analyze the relationship between age, gender, and dating duration with the involvement of perpetrators of violence in dating. The sample size for this study consisted of 351 adolescents who were selected using the purposive sampling technique. The sample inclusion criteria are active students, have a partner, and are willing to be respondents. Data were analyzed using Chi-square test with 95% confidence interval. The results showed that younger adolescents are more likely to be involved in DV. Almost all females have acted as perpetrators of physical and psychological violence in dating. Females and males have equal opportunities to engage in DV. The dating duration is also predicted as one of the causes of adolescent involvement in violence during courtship. The dating duration is predicted to be more prone to being involved–being the perpetrator–in DV. Victims must have the courage to take a stand and stop the relationship if they experience violence, and they must be wise and selective in help-seeking.

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