Mask design to prevent foggy glasses and difficulty breathing

Musdah Mulia Mukmin, Hady Soedarwanto, Mega Tri Kurnia


The present of the pandemic has given to a new habit that we call the New Normal. One of the habits we hear most often is wearing a mask. Ironically, the use of masks creates new problems for certain populations, for example, glasses users and people with respiratory problems. Eyeglass users complain of the effect of fog on the glasses when wearing a mask, sufferers of respiratory problems complain of shortness of breath when wearing a mask. This problem is the purpose of designing the design that the author did, namely preventing the effect of fog on the glasses, reducing shortness of breath in users with respiratory problems, because it has become a habit, the use of masks is expected to support appearance, and the design is in accordance with WHO health standards. To find the design solution, the author uses the data analysis method and experiments (trials) on the appropriate shape, structure, and material of the mask. The results of this design succeeded in presenting the expected design solutions, namely preventing the effects of eyeglasses fog, reducing the effects of tightness when wearing a mask, a display that supports appearance, and meeting the WHO mask criteria. Presented in four basic color variants to make it easier to identify the color of the mask.



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