Post-vaccination side effects following the Second Dose of ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 vaccine among health care workers in Tertiary Care Hospital in Tamil Nadu – outcome from a real-world longitudinal study

Timsi Jain, Balaji S, Catherine J, Dinesh Kumar Ganesan, Yogesh Mohan, Anantha Eashwar


COVID19 vaccines were launched after granting them ‘Emergency Use Authorization’ approval. Beyond the clinical trial, there was very limited data on the side effects following vaccination. This is a longitudinal study among Health care workers (HCWs) in a Tertiary care hospital. Information was also collected using a pre tested semi-structured questionnaire which included their demographic details, first dose and second dose. Post-vaccination follow-up was done at the centre which was then followed up by Telephonic monitoring after 48 hours. In the present study, 1034 (65.6%) HCWs did not report any reactions/symptoms. Pain & tenderness was the most commonly reported side-effects in more than half. The severity of the symptoms following the second dose of vaccine was compared with the first dose and it was found that the majority 653(41.4%) had reported no symptoms/ reactions following both doses of Vaccine.  Every vaccine will have some side effects but it is important to understand that in the ongoing pandemic, vaccines are our “best shot” to fight against this virus.



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