Factors of independent of activities of daily living (adl) in osteoarthritis elderly

Hariza Adnani, Anna Nur Hikmawati, Siranee Sihapark, Dwi Suharyanta, Dwi Widiyaningsih


The aim of this study was to determine the factors of Activities of Daily Living (ADL) independent in osteoarthritis elderly at Pleret Bantul, Indonesia. The research method used cross sectional. The sample was 95 and chi square analysis was performed. The instrument used to measure independence in the elderly is The Katz Index of Independence in ADL, WOMAC score for functional ability and SPMSQ for mental status. The most influential risk factors were calculated by Odds Ratio (OR). The study results showed that the associated factors significant with ADL independence in the elderly were age with ADL OR = .347 (95% CI = .253- .477). The associated factors significant with ADL independence in the elderly were physiological ability with OR =7.07 (95% CI = 2.86 -17.47) and functional risk ability with OR =2.34 (95% CI = 1.82-3.01) that increase the independence of the elderly in fulfilling ADL. There was no relationship among place and mental status with ADL. Conclusion, this study showed that the factors that related the independence of ADL in the elderly were age, functional ability and physiological abilities. The variable age that was most significant related of independence in the elderly.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijphs.v11i1.21065


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