Environmental Sanitation Factors as Prevalence Support Soil Transmitted Helminths to Elementary School Students

Ibrahim Edy Sapada, Wita Asmalinda


The distribution of STH is closely related to the defecation facilities for rural communities, such as: the habit of defecating openly on the ground, in gardens and using open latrines in rivers. The aims of this study was to determine the correlation between the prevalence of STH infection and environmental sanitation factors in school children. This type of research is an analytical epidemiological study in two different areas. The research design used was a cross sectional study. This research was conducted in Bukit Village and Srikembang Village, Betung District, Banyuasin Regency, South Sumatra for 30 days. The research sample was 252 SDN students. The data analysis showed that the infection intensity of A. lumbricoides in SDN 1 Bukit was higher than SDN 1 Sri Kembang, while for T. trichiura it was higher in SDN 1 Sri Kembang with mild to very severe infection degrees. Supporting factors for transmission in the two research locations were open defecation, gardens or open latrines, and the type of house with dirt floors. It is suggested to do further research on socio-economic risk factor variables.


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