Start of a life: health risk, struggles and coping as experienced by Filipino teenage mothers

Marris R. Reyes, Benilda M. Hangdaan, Kristine Mae C. Sadang, Marilyn G. Pasion


Motherhood plays a vital role in the society. It greatly influences the personality and disposition of a child. But, what happens if the mother is a child? Constantly, teenage pregnancy is one of the major international social issue; nonetheless, the available literature seemed to address this issue quite indecorously. Thus, this study intended to identify the dynamics and causes of teenage pregnancy based from the context of those who experienced it. This study mainly focused on the personal health risk experiences, struggles and coping of teenage pregnancy. A semi-structured in-depth interview with thirty-five (35) teenage mothers was conducted. The researchers carefully transcribed the conversations, then read and re-read, then summarized the musings and verbalizations of the participants. Descriptive Phenomenological approach was utilized to analyze the data. Then, the MUSE Phase of Teenage Pregnancy emerged. This was validated using “critical-friend and correspondence technique”. Each phases reflects the onset, coping and struggles on becoming a teenage mother from conception to rearing the child. The discussion poses a unique perspective on understanding the phases of teenage pregnancy coming from the point of views of those who experienced it, which is vital in making efforts to prevention and intervention.



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