Home Care Quality Indicators for Stroke Survivor (HQI-SS): an investigation on validity and reliability in Indonesia

Nur Chayati, Christantie Effendy, Ismail Setyopranoto


It is disconcerting that until today there are no agencies or research to recommend the appropriate indicators of home nursing care of stroke patients according to Indonesian conditions. Hence, this research aims to verify the validity and reliability of quality indicators of home nursing care for stroke patient. Confirmatory factor analysis was carried out for validity and reliability testing with data collected from 350 respondents. Based on the value of loading factors, 62 indicators were declared valid and 5 indicators were invalid. This study successfully proved the validity of 62 indicators of quality home care for stroke patients. Further research is needed to pilot project this indicator in a larger area.


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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijphs.v10i4.20846


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