Quality of provider-client interaction in a reproductive health clinic in Isabela, Philippines

Rosalinda Saquing Guingab, Pedrita Nayga Medrano


The quality of provider-interaction determines client satisfaction and decision to seek health care. This study sought to find out the perceived quality of interaction between the women seeking prenatal care and the health care providers in a public reproductive health services clinic in a municipality in Isabela, Philippines. Thirty pregnant women, mostly at their early reproductive years, who had sought health care services at this clinic were interviewed using a structured questionnaire and semi-structured guide to allow for probing. Results reveal that the women perceived that the health care providers demonstrated good communication skills, did not look down on the women and did not act in ways that showed no regard for them. However, the interface between them was perceived to be one-way, with the provider dominating the interaction and the women in meek subservience. Also, sympathy/empathy for the clients and a relaxed interaction were only somewhat evident. Hostile words were heard frequently. Health care providers must consider creating an atmosphere of relaxed, two-way communication with element of respect as they interact with their patients.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijphs.v10i3.20834


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