Parents social support to the social development of school-age children who use smartphones

Indriatie Indriatie, Aida Novitasari, Yohanes K. Windi


A smartphone is widely used among school-age children. Excessive use of smartphones leads to health and psychological problems for children. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their children use smartphones properly. This study aims to identify the social support of parents to the social development of school-aged children using a smartphone. It is a correlational analytic study using 200 clusters random sampling procedure. The variables are social development and parents social support for children using smartphone. The study uses the Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) for data analysis.  The results obtained that the children who use a smartphone do not experience social development disruption. Their parents provide them with sufficient social support when using a smartphone. The statistical analysis shows the significant correlation between the social development of school-aged children who use smartphones and their parents' social support. It concludes that parents are responsible for providing social support to avoid social development disruption of their children due to smartphone use. The study suggests that parents maintain their social support and actively monitor smartphone use, including the content, duration, and frequency of using smartphones.



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International Journal of Public Health Science (IJPHS)
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