Female students’ experience in preventing scabies in pesantren

Fithri Iradaty, Edy Suyanto, Budi Aji


An environmental health problem that long has been a common issue in Islamic boarding school all around Indonesia is scabies. Female students at Islamic boarding school are known to have scabies. The purpose of this study is to  examine the students' perceptions on the environmental health conditions related to the contagious skin disease of scabies and examine the implementation of clean and healthy behavior of the students. The research method used in this phenomenological study was the qualitative method. The qualitative data obtained were analyzed using thematic analysis with the help of the Maxqda 10 Program. The data were collected through purposive and snowball sampling techniques. The findings showed that there were several students’ perceptions on the healthy living and scabies, and perceptions on the environmental health. The students perceived that maintaining the cleanliness of the pesantren’s environment is difficult since pesantrens are commonly inhibited by a high density of population. From the viewpoint of environmental health management, the students’ personal hygiene needs to be improved to prevent scabies transmission.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijphs.v10i3.20580


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