Response time, waiting time and service quality in emergency department

Nur Hidayat, Ahsan Ahsan, Masruroh Rahayu, Retno Lestari


Response time and waiting time were key performance indicators in the emergency department of a hospital. This study will shed light on important factors contributing to service quality in emergency department of Indonesian public hospital by utilizing a cross-sectional design. About 117 patients were selected by simple random sampling techniques. Data observation sheets and a modified service quality instrument were used to measure health services in this department. Findings revealed that 83.8% patients felt satisfied with the services provided by emergency staff. Based on Kendall’s Tau test, waiting time had a significant relationship with service quality (p<0.05) compared to response time (p>0.05). The results of logistic regression test showed that waiting time had a higher value for Exp(B)= 3.522. In conclusion, waiting time was the most important factor affecting service quality in emergency department of Indonesian public hospital.

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