Effect of Acute Submaximal Physical Exercise Before Decompression Dive on Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha Concentration among Male Trained Divers

Chikih Chikih


The increase of Inflammatory biomarkers due to decompression dive is one of the factors that could cause decompression sickness, which has been proven by the increased expression of TNFα due to a single decompression dive. According to the preconditioning theory, physical exercise before the dive can reduce the size and the amount of gas bubble caused by the dive, but no research has been done on the influence of physical exercise before diving to reduce the expression of inflammatory biomarkers like TNFα. This study aims to prove that physical exercise before diving can prevent increase of the inflammatory biomarker TNFα.This study used an experimental study design with trained male divers as a subjects, who are divided randomly into two groups, treatment and control. The treatment group got submaximal physical exercise with 70% maximal cardiac rate intensity, using cycle ergometer, using YMCA procedure modify by Guritno,  24 hours before decompression diving 280 kPa bottom time 80 minute, whereas the control group did not get physical exercise. Decompression stops procedure using US NAVY decompression table. Biomarker expression was checked three times, at beginning of the study, before the dive and after the dive. In the treatment group there was no increase in TNFα expression, and even showed an insignificant decrease, from 7.06 ± 1.85 pg./ml to 6.75 ± 1.81 pg./ml, whereas the control group showed a significant increased TNFα concentration, from 8.22 (1.45 to 13.11) pg./ml to 8.39 (1.73 to 12.18) pg/ml, and significant difference was found between the mean difference of treatment and control groups p<0.05. It can be concluded that acute submaximal physical exercise prevents an increase in the expression of TNFα after single dive decompression.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijphs.v10i2.20666
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