Decentralization of Public Healthcare Services in the Province of Sumatera Utara, Indonesia

Februati Trimurni


The study examines the effectiveness of decentralization program on the healthcare sector at the provincial level in the context of political and administrative decentralization. The study adopts a qualitative approach and employs the technique of in-depth interview, observation and documentation. Informants consist of public servants, practitioners, community and relevant stakeholders. The study found the implementation of decentralization does not work that ideal for some reasons. Firstly, the devolution and the deconcentration programs are not conducted simultaneously, mutually support and complimentary. Secondly, the lack of local apparatus capabilities to understand  and carry out the principles and the practices of the programs in the field. Finally, the limitation of financial sources and support to conduct the programs. The study furthermore recommends the needs to synergies the “devoluted” programs and the deconcentrated programs in the field, enhancement of local capacities to undertake the healthcare programs as well as the need to reform and improve local fiscal..


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