The factor and pattern of neck pain among the under graduate medical student in Dhaka City

A. K. M Rezwan


Background: Neck pain is the most common causes of severe long-term pain and physical disability, affecting hundreds of millions of people around the world. Objective: The aim of the study was to determine the factors and pattern of neck pain among the undergraduate medical student in Dhaka city. Materials and method: It was a cross sectional study. Sample size was 84 and a pre-tested, modified, semi-structured questionnaire was used to collect the data. Data were analyzed using SPSS software version 16.0. Results: Majority of the respondents (40.5%) belonged to 22-24 age groups were more pain in neck region and Mean ± SD of age was 22.67   2.69 years. Most of the respondents were unmarried (86.9) and (69.2%) were female. 63.1% were use chair and table during study and use internet (88.1%) by mobile (42.9%) in average 3 to 5 hours, study average 3 to 5 hours study except collage hours and half of the respondent (59.5 %) carry collage bag by shoulder and weight of collage bag was 4 to 7 kg, this study also found that undergraduate medical students are feeling mild neck pain near about 2 months and it was intermittent in nature, Maximum (84.5%) student has no traumatic history and half of the respondent feeling pain during device use, Statistically minimal significant association found between sex and months of pain feeling where p-value is 0.306 and use of chair table during study and severity of pain where p-value is 0.687, Conclusion: In high proportion of neck pain and injury most often in under graduate medical student in our country therefore this study revealed what are the factor and pattern of neck pain and how student prevent acute and chronic neck pain.

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